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Clean camera installation for your Ducato, Boxer or Jumper
KIT-R1DUC_Rear-Camera-Installation-Kit-for-Ducato-Boxer-Jumper_installed KIT-R1DUC_Rear-Camera-Installation-Kit-for-Ducato-Boxer-Jumper_OEM KIT-R1DUC_Rear-Camera-Installation-Kit-for-Ducato-Boxer-Jumper-Installed-2 KIT-R1DUC_Rear-Camera-Installation-Kit-for-Ducato-Boxer-Jumper_front KIT-R1DUC_Rear-Camera-Installation-Kit-for-Ducato-Boxer-Jumper_angle KIT-R1DUC_Rear-Camera-Installation-Kit-for-Ducato-Boxer-Jumper_back_angle KIT-R1DUC_Rear-Camera-Installation-Kit-for-Ducato-Boxer-Jumper_side

Rear Camera Installation Kit for Fiat Ducato III, Citroën Jumper II and Peugeot Boxer II


The KIT-R1DUC allows a simple and clean installation of an Alpine HDR rear view camera without the need of drilling additional holes in your motorhome rear wall. The installation kit simply extends the 3rd brake light to integrate an Alpine HDR camera for a clean look. To avoid the need of any additional holes, the KIT-R1DUC uses the original screw holes of the brake light, while the camera cable can also use the existing cable pass-through in the rear wall to allow a fast installation.

The housing is created from weather resistant plastic and includes rubber seals to prevent rainwater from entering the internals.

This kit is compatible with the facelift versions of Fiat Ducato III, Renault Boxer and Citroën Jumper and is designed to fit the Alpine HCE-C2100RD and HCE-C1100/ HCE-C1100D HDR cameras.